What is AI

AI is growing at a fast rate. Artificial Intelligence (AI) (can this be highlighted so it can take the person to an explanation of what AI is) will continue to grow over the coming years.AI and machine learning jobs have increased dramatically over the past few years and is set to keep growing. More and more companies are adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (highlighted to take the person) technologies to strengthen their digital evolution and stay ahead of the game. Finding the available AI & Machine Learning talent is becoming harder.

AI & machine learning is a competitive and thriving market

it cannot always be easy to identify the relevant pool of resources required to fill those needs. Relying purely on databases and advertising does not always work. GITPS always looks at the local market before looking overseas to try and fill those AI gaps. There is a large pool of resources globally, some of whom are willing to move internationally. GITPS has over 17 years of experience of finding and relocating individuals and families on a global basis. GITPS looks to recruit the best AI professionals from multiple locations globally.

GITPS’s global network of partners within Artificial Intelligence enables us to partner with companies in identifying relevant talent to move internationally.

Typical roles we recruit for: