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What Relocation Services Do We Offer?

Individuals, families and corporate clients moving to or from anywhere in the world can expect a dedicated service committed to ensuring that their international relocation is as smooth and simple as possible. GITPS can handle any size of move and any reasonable time frame you might require us to work to.  GITPS can ensure any transition is as smooth as possible.

We Offer a Wide Range of Additional Help

GITPS typically offers flights, airport pick up, fully furnished accommodation, local orientation assistance, mobile phones, interest free loans, bank accounts, assistance with schooling, long term accommodation and much more. 

Whether you are moving abroad for the first time or you have done so before, there are many questions to be answered.   The process of moving to Finland might appear daunting and this is normal.  However, GITPS has now relocated people from over 48 countries over 20 years and we have come across most situations!  During your relocation process, you will have questions about entry requirements,  accommodation, bank Accounts, other administrative requirements, cost of goods, shipping etc,.  There may be a number of situations you come across when relocating.   GITPS can help put your mind at rest and go through all these questions and concerns at any early stage.

Services Provided

GITPS has had over 20 years’ experience in relocating our clients to Finland.  We have lots of information to hand that we can provide to make that decision making, hopefully, a little easier.

GITPS provide economy or business class flights for relocatees flying to Finland.  Options will be given and where possible, direct flights will always be used.

GITPS have drivers who meet our relocatees at the airport and wait for them at arrivals.  

If applicable, our drivers will have already picked up your keys for your accommodation in advance so that after potentially a long flight, there is no need to stop off somewhere to pick up keys.

In most cases for relocatees coming from overseas, GITPS provides up to 4 weeks fully furnished accommodation.  This is normally close to the office where you will be working and also shopping centers, transport hubs etc

On occasions, long term accommodation can be provided in advance of the relocatee arriving into Finland.  This is not often the case as we recommend people do get to know the area prior to taking on long term accommodation.  GITPS also provides in advance of arriving into Finland, detailed information on accommodation options, links and contact details to accommodation agents, where your requirements can be discussed directly.  Viewings can then be set up either in advance of arriving in Finland or soon after arriving, once you have settled in.

Whilst these days, much of the documentation will be in English, it can also be in Finnish.  We can assist here.  Also, we can assist in any terminology that may be confusing for a 1st time visit to Finland.

GITPS can certainly provide guidance on schools but from experience, this is a very personal choice and so GITPS normally provides details of the schools in the area and options available.

Prior to leaving your country, GITPS provides each relocatee a detailed document listing all of the elements needed to ensure a successful relocation and also detailed information on what is required after you have reached Finland. 

Where applicable, GITPS can provide orientation of the local area for ½ day to 2 days.  This will cover areas such as shopping, transport and general ‘get to know’ the area. 

This is a must have.  If a EU citizen, an appointment must be made with DVV ( ) to be registered and you will then get your ID number.  If a Non-EU citizen and you have obtained your Residence Permit, your ID number will be on the Residence Permit.  Registration with DVV is still advised.

Once you have your ID number, you can get your tax card from Vero ( ).  

GITPS normally banks with OP  Bank or Nordea Bank and an appointment can be made with one of these banks so that you can get your account set up.

Travel cards can be provided on a monthly basis if required.

Dependent on what basis you are coming to Finland, GITPS provides mobile phones and SIM cards to make like a little bit easier from the start.  This is normally given to the relocatee on arrival into Finland or soon after.

GITPS is conscious that it can take some time to get fully integrated into your new surroundings, so we offer continued support and assistance for as long as it is necessary to ensure any challenges or concerns are alleviated as soon as possible.